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Top Tankless water heater 2018

This site is dedicated to reviewing and finding the best tankless water heaters that are available. It’s a one stop tankless water heater review site that does the homework for you, so you don’t have to pour through specs and compare features and benefits of all the tankless water heaters on the market. Tankless water heaters are phenomenal hot water systems that save space, are energy efficient, and save you time and money.

Tankless water heaters, also known as on demand water heaters, provide instant hot water, but only when you need it. You don’t have to pay to heat and store an extra 40 or 50 gallons of hot water just to take a hot shower that stays hot the whole time you are in it while the dishwasher is running. This efficiency and the new technology saves space and cost. Traditional water heaters heat and store excess hot water that costs you money. Think about it. Do you crank the heat up when you leave your home for a few days? No. Because it wastes money to heat a space that doesn’t need it until you need it to be warm when you are in it. Conventional water heaters do just that, they pre-heat water so you can have it when you want it, but they waste energy doing so. Tankless water heaters only heat the water when you need it.

By heating the water without the use of a storage tank, you avoid standby heat loss and therefore excess energy waste. Also, you won’t wait for a storage tank to fill up with enough hot water to use ever again, just turn on the tap and you have an instant supply of hot water. All units are different though, most tankless water heaters provide 2 – 5 gallons of hot water per minute.

There are two main types of tankless water heaters:

  • Electric – In this type of system, an electric element heats the water.
  • Gas – In this type of system, a gas burner heats the water. Gas Tankless Water Heaters create higher flow rates than electric systems.

Both systems have there merits, but when researching tankless water systems, you’ll find some units and brands more effective and energy efficient, therefore cost friendly, than others. Most tankless water heaters deliver an instant supply of hot water, but some are easier to use and provide larger supllies of hot water than others. This review site will help you determine what unit best serves your purpose.

RTG-64DVN – Rheem Tankless Water Heaters Reviews

Undoubtedly, the Rheem 150K BTU Indoor Tankless Water Heater, known as the Tankless 64 Direct Vent Indoor Series – Natural Gas (Model number RTG-64DVN), is the best tankless water heater on the market. When using it you never run out of hot water, showers will be as hot as you want for as long as you want.
The Rheem RTG-64DVN saves space, is energy efficient and provides an endless supply of hot water. What more could you ask for? Why keep and pay to keep excess hot water when you don’t need it? There’s no need to waste money on hot water with this phenomenal tankless water heater The RTG-64DVN is a third of the size of most water heaters. It’s easy to use too, as it has an easy to read digital display that allows you to set the temperature where you want it.

This Rheem Tankless Water Heater meets and exceeds all industry requirements and regulations, and you don’t even need an adaptor for venting. Simply put, it is the best tankless water heater available. It features many benefits that other tankless water heaters simply don’t possess or combine.

For example, it features an industry best .26 GPM minimum flow rate, a .40 GPM Minimum activation flow rate, and a state of the art cable for high demand applications so that you can even connect two tankless units. That allows the two units to act as one, which is handy if you have a larger home. It also works spectacularly in high altitudes. You don’t have to worry about maintenance as it has a self diagnostic system built in and it is freeze protected all the way down to negative thirty degrees Farenheit.

If you’re in the market for a tankless water heater you might as well stop looking right now. The Rheem 150K BTU Indoor Tankless Water Heater (RTG-64DVN) has it all. It saves space, saves energy, saves money, is easy to use is compact, durable and efficient. Quit throwing away money creating and storing excess hot water. Buy a Rheem RTG-64DVN today and start saving money instead of wasting it. What are you waiting for?

RTG-84DVN – Rheem Tankless Water Heaters Reviews

The new Rheem RTG-84DVN is a powerful indoor direct vent tankless water heater. These are extremely efficient because they don’t have to constantly keep a tank of water heated. This will save you energy and money. The heat exchanger comes with a 12 year warranty, and the parts are warrantied for 5 years. What makes this new tankless water heater so special is the concentric vent system that has an integrated condensate collector. It also comes equipped with advanced Burner Technology for maximum water heating speed.

Other benefits of the Rheem RTG-84DVN include an impressive minimum flow rate of .26 GPM, as well as a minimum activated flow rate of .40 GPM. Ten feet of thermostat wire comes included with each unit, as does a UMC-117 model remote control. If you happen to have very high demands, then you can use the EZ-Link cable to connect two units. Together, they will be able to work as a single unit with incredible power and efficiency for even the most robust needs. It is also possible to manifold 6 units or less through the MIC-6 control board that is optional. If you have a need to connect 20 manifold installations, that is possible with the MIC-180 manifold control.

If you are curious about where the Rheem RTG-84DVN can be used, it is rated at nearly 10,000 foot elevation without the use of a chip. A self diagnostic system and built in blower are part of the units, as are intelligent electronic controls and the overheat film wrap. The design is as compact as possible so as to maximize space, and a 120V power cord is included with each model. The units are able to function properly in temperatures as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit, and the Low NOx burner is environmentally friendly and approved by the requirements as set forth by SCAQMD rule 1146.

So if you are looking for a powerful, environmentally efficient tankless hot water heater that is able to power simultaneous showers that are using 2.5 gallons each minute, then the Rheem RTG-84DVN is an excellent choice. It’s a durable unit that you will get quite a bit of use out of.

The Benefits of the Rheem RTG-95DVN Tankless Water Heater

If you have a home with 3 or more bathrooms and are in need of a large hot water heater, the manufacturers of Rheem have just what you need. The Rheem RTG-95DV is the largest residential tankless water heater they make and is designed to bring you all the on-going hot water you need for you home and is also useful for many commercial applications giving you a maximum 9.4 gallons of hot water at a 35 degree rise each and every minute.
This product, just like all of the tankless water heaters Rheem makes, has a built in electric blower and an easy to read digital display setting which gives the precise temperature in an instant.

As needed for high demand applications this tankless water heater can be connected by the EZ Link Cable which will allow two units to work with each other as one. The Rheem RTG-95DV model also provides you with a self diagnosing system which is an ideal way to save money on repair bills.

The Rheem RTG-95DV also has a low NOx burner that meets SCAQMD requirements and makes it eligible as an environmentally friendly tankless water heater. This tankless water heater also includes some of the following features:

  • A 10 foot thermostat wire and UMC-117 remote control
  • Up to 6 units of Manifold that has MIC-6 manifold control board
  • Has a .25 GPM minimum rate of flow and a .40 GPM minimum activation rate of flow
  • Next Generation Burner Technology
  • Has a 3 foot by 5 foot concentric vent system that has an integrated condensate collector
  • Has a high altitude that is capable of reaching ranges in the 9,840 foot level and many more valuable features.

The Rheem RTG-95DV is technologically advanced to allow you to have the as much water as you need and thus is the best way to heat water. The reason this product is so valuable is because houses that have 3 or more bathroom require a lot of on demand water.

When using this product, all of the bathrooms can be used simultaneously and each user still will be able to enjoy things such as a hot bath or a hot shower for as long as they desire.

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How to increase the total quantity of power in the organization so that the power given to some does not comes at the expense of the power of others.

Most managers understand that power is an important part of organizational life. But their understanding is often corrupted by the assumptions embedded in the hard and soft approaches. The hard approach assumes that power is an automatic consequence of position of formal authority. This belief is reflected in comments such as “the higher you are on the org chart, the most power you have” or, “if you have the authority, you automatically have the power” or, “if you have the knowledge, you have the power.”

The soft approach, by contrast, tends to focus on leadership style or personal traits such as charisma. This view is reflected in statements such as “she is a tremendously powerful person” or, “he has a presence that projects power.”

Power is none of these things. Overly complicated organizations have managers in all kinds of positions that, according to the org chart, have authority, but who in reality have little or no power to make things happen.

These misunderstandings about power did not do much harm when relatively few interactions were required to get things done, say, on the traditional assembly line. But the more that performance requires multiple interactions among many different organizational units, the more these common misunderstandings about power become costly for the company and its people.

The Total Quantity of Power

When power is used to mobilize collective action that furthers the goals of an organization, it is a fabulous thing. This is what happened at InterLodge, a struggling travel and tourism company with which we worked. When the hotel receptionists were given more power (in the form of a voice in the performance evaluation of maintenance and housekeeping staff), they had much greater capacity to play the integrator role. The end result was more—and more effective—cooperation in the achievement of the organization’s goals.

What happened at InterLodge is what people in the business world often call empowerment. It involved a redistribution of power from the back-office functions to the receptionists. In the past, promotion within the back-office functions of maintenance and housekeeping was determined exclusively by the managers of those functions. By giving the receptionists a say in back-office performance evaluations and promotion decisions, InterLodge management shifted some of that power to the receptionists.

As effective as such reallocations of power can be, however, it is increasingly important in situations of business complexity for organizations to create many new sources of power. Coping with complexity requires higher levels of both autonomy and cooperation. But when people cooperate, they are no longer self-sufficient—they become dependent on others. Therefore, the influence you have have (or do not have) over others will play a central role in your decision not only to cooperate but also how much to cooperate. The more influence you have over the behavior of others, the more you can take the risk of becoming dependent on what they do. In other words, power determines the capacity to enter into the kind of cooperative interactions and reciprocity of action that are essential for addressing business complexity.

For this reason, power in the organization often needs to be something more than a zero-sum game. If power is only redistributed, then as performance requirements multiply, there will always be someone without the power to step into the cooperation game. The day InterLodge needed to offer innovative new services (Internet connectivity) to its customers, the organization had to create new power bases for its maintenance staff.

You need to create a positive-sum game. You need to increase the total quantity of power in the organization so that the power given to some does not comes at the expense of the power of others. The new power can benefit managers in their integrator role and also team members so they can further cooperate with others. That way, you can channel the intelligence of more people against more fronts in a coherent yet flexible way, for both greater effectiveness and adaptiveness.

Creating New Stakes

Given that power is so important to success in the modern business organization, a key role of the manager is to find ways to create new sources of power and to multiply the power bases inside the organization. He or she can do so by adding at least one new stake that matters to someone and that the achievement of which depends on others in the organization. A stake is something that matters to people, that makes a difference to them. A stake can be either positive or negative, something that a particular individual or group either wants to have or wants to avoid. Those who have an influence over this stake will benefit from having power over those for whom the stake matters. When a stake is new, it is a new power base that benefits some without being taken away from others.

Of course, not all stakes will create the kind of power that will mobilize action in the direction the organization needs and wants. A stake that is meaningful to an individual or group but has no relation to the performance requirements of the organization is obviously not an appropriate or effective stake. Rather, managers need to come up with stakes that matter to the relevant actors and also relate positively to the company’s performance requirements.